Hello, I am Adam and I am the founder of this website. The site was launched in March 2023 when the domain name was also registered. I lead a team of 5 football enthusiasts united under one goal: to provide the most competitive odds from the football leagues around the world.

Who are we

We are a team of sports betting enthusiasts with years of experience in football predictions. We have always been passionate about it and spent hours of discussions in the sports pub. At a certain point, together with friend, we decided to create this site. The main goal: the site to be used as a tool for calculating odds, selecting the best new bonus, and everything that can help bettors to improve their betting skills.

To support our activities we have partnered with the best bookmakers and we do receive advertising fees when you click on our links. This side project has turned now into a full time job and we are now reviewing and comparing odds for many football leagues including the domestic Premier League, Wales Premier League as well as the top European competitions like the Bundesliga or Serie A.

We are constantly updating our Odds comparison page to provide you with the latest (and most competitive) odds available on all football leagues.

Affiliate Disclosure

My Football Bets is classified as an affiliate website, which means that I receive financial compensation from the bookmakers for sending them players. Unlike some other casino review websites that may not be upfront about their affiliation, I want to be transparent.

However, this does not mean that your winnings or profits will be reduced. In fact, it can even be the opposite. I am constantly negotiating with bookmaker managers for better deposit bonuses and deals like free bets to benefit my readers.

In general, affiliate websites are a common method used by betting sites to attract more punters in the online world and internet marketing. For instance, many comparison sites for accommodation and travel deals have affiliate programs, such as Airbnb.com, Kayak.com, and Agoda, which use affiliate marketing to gain more customers.

In addition, some popular sports blogs make money by promoting football e-commerce deals. Nonetheless, they can still be highly reliable sources of information, especially if they are open about their affiliate business model.

My aim is to create a tool that can enhance betting odds, increase the chances of winning, and encourage responsible gambling. This cannot be accomplished if my reviews are biased or dishonest. Therefore, I believe that being honest and transparent is the way forward.

How it all started?

It all began around 2021 when a friend and I discovered football betting. Initially, it was merely an exciting tech project without any practical use. Nonetheless, the concept of improving our betting piqued our interest.

A while later, I started comparing odds and reading about football betting strategies. After a while, I tried to apply some of the strategies with some success.

Around January or February 2023, I discussed a football betting project with another friend, despite neither of us having coding skills. However, we shared an interest in online sports betting, poker, and perhaps even online casinos.

This led us to conceive the idea of a football betting website. We scoured the internet for existing sites and found few, and those that did exist were of poor quality. Since my friend had a background in website and affiliate business, we decided to create our own site.


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