If you’re a football fan, chances are you’ve heard of the Bundesliga – the top professional football league in Germany. But did you know that Austria also has its own Bundesliga? Here are 10 interesting facts you might not know about the Austria Bundesliga.

  1. The Austria Bundesliga was founded in 1974 and is the top football league in Austria.
  2. The league consists of 12 teams who play each other twice for a total of 22 matches per season.
  3. The team that finishes in first place at the end of the season is crowned the Austrian football champion.
  4. The most successful club in the Austria Bundesliga is Rapid Vienna, who have won the title 32 times.
  5. Austria Wien and Red Bull Salzburg are the only other clubs to have won the title more than 10 times, with 24 and 14 titles respectively.
  6. The current champions of the Austria Bundesliga are Red Bull Salzburg, who won the title for the eighth consecutive time in the 2020/21 season.
  7. The Austria Bundesliga has a reputation for producing young talent, with many players going on to play in top European leagues.
  8. The league has a strong following, with an average attendance of around 8,000 per match.
  9. In recent years, the Austria Bundesliga has implemented measures to improve the quality of play, including introducing video assistant referees (VAR) and promoting youth development.
  10. The Austria Bundesliga has also attracted international investment, with Red Bull Salzburg being owned by the same company that owns Red Bull Leipzig in Germany.
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